Apelinc Landscape Services specializes in unparalleled customer service. With over 35 years of experience, we offer comprehensive landscape maintenance, arbor care, irrigation control and landscape upgrade. You can trust our staff of trained professionals to beautify and maintain your commercial landscape. Our expertise and attention to detail will keep your property looking its best. Proudly serving San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties! Contact us for a consultation today.

Eco Friendly Strategies

Apelinc is concerned about our environment.
Our eco-friendly strategies ensure the ongoing beauty of your property while minimizing environmental impact.

We use low-emission maintenance tools and work closely with the Air Quality Management district to assure compliance with emission regulations.

Water Conservation Techniques

Help reduce your water consumption (and water bills) with regular irrigation checkups and weekly water meter monitoring.

Utilize water-wise technologies such as “Smart Controllers” to regulate water usage through global satellite systems and daily ET weather reports.

Waterwise Landscape Design

Our team can help create different waterwise landscape designs that are aesthetically pleasing, water efficient, and easily sustainable.

We Specialize In Service

Apelinc Landscape Services
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